We offer weekly collections of all food waste, yard waste and paper products.

Sign Up for Service! Use the form below to request curbside service. We’ll follow-up with an email confirming participation along with educational sorting guidelines and payment information.

Get Your Free Bucket and Start Collecting! We’ll deliver a complimentary, animal-resistant bucket for your food scraps. Set out your compost each week. A household can use multiple buckets and set out yard waste in paper lawn bags all for one low monthly rate. See our guidelines page here. Please note, additional / replacement buckets will incur a one-time charge.

Get Back Finished Compost! In less than 120 days, your natural materials become a nutrient-rich soil amendment that’s great for gardens and lawns! We host multiple give-back events each year so that you get to experience the full-circle benefits of composting.

Below is the sign up form for residential compost collections. The rate for weekly service is $22/month. We will reply with more educational guidelines and to confirm service. Starred fields are required.