We offer weekly curbside compost collections of all food waste, yard waste and paper products from homes in Aspen, Basalt, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs and New Castle.

Sign Up for Service! Fill out the form below to request service. We’ll reply with a confirmation and a thorough welcome email including educational guidelines and payment set-up.

Get Your Compost Container and Start Collecting! We’ll deliver a complimentary, animal-resistant, 6.5-gallon bucket or 95-gallon cart for your compostable materials. Start collecting your food scraps, yard waste, tissues, wax paper, pizza boxes, etc; these natural materials typically make up about 30% of residential waste. We’ll empty your container each week taking the contents to a commercial composting facility.

Get Finished Compost! After 120 days, your natural materials become a nutrient-rich soil amendment. Add some to your lawns and gardens when you attend one of our free compost give-back events!

Sign-up here or call the office at 970.930.7900

* $3 / month will be added for homes in Woody Creek & Aspen.
* Any yard waste collected beyond what is allowed by subscription will be charged at $5 / bag.