Yard Waste can be collected curbside with an EverGreen ZeroWaste residential compost service subscription or taken to special collection points. We accept grass clippings, garden cuttings, weeds, leaves, sticks, twigs and brush.

To participate in curbside yard waste collections, please follow these rules:

  1. Residential cart subscriptions utilizing a 95-gallon EverGreen ZeroWaste curbside compost cart for all food and yard waste can put materials in loose or in compostable bags. If you use your own cart, you will still be charged for an EGZW cart subscription.

  2. Residential bucket subscriptions allow one 30-gallon (or less) paper yard waste bag per week alongside the food waste bucket. These are available through us, on-line or at local hardware stores. The bag and its contents must weigh less than 30 pounds. The entire bag will be put into the truck and composted.

  3. We encourage the use of paper yard waste bags, but if you prefer a reusable bin it must be rigid plastic, less than 30-gallons and labeled with EGZW stickers. When full, it must weigh less than 30-pounds. (Drivers have the right to deem your bin too heavy or too awkward to lift.)

  4. If you need to set out more than the one allowed extra bag, you must give notice before noon on Monday the week of. Each additional bag/bin will incur a $5 charge.

  5. NO PLASTIC BAGS! We cannot collect loose piles, or empty materials from plastic bags, wheel barrows or wagons.

  6. Sticks must be less than 3 feet in length and less than 2 inches in diameter. These can be placed in our cart, in a paper bag or bundled with natural twine. Must be less than 30 pounds.

  7. Food waste must be secure in our animal-resistant carts or buckets. Overflow cannot be added to yard waste bins or bags.

  8. We can collect very small amounts of sod and soil; NO ROCKS PLEASE.

  9. We cannot accept dog or cat waste for composting.

  10. We cannot accept trees or large branches as these need to be mulched first and separate from our food waste collections.

  11. Please remove all plastic and metal components from house plants, bouquets and wreaths.

Thank you for your considerate participation!

While we offer free compost give-backs multiple times per year, you can also visit Pitkin County Solid Waste Center or the South Canyon Landfill to get finished compost back at an affordable price any time of year. They will fill up the back of your pick-up truck using their tractors.