Alyssa Reindel
Founder & Zero Waste Guide

With more than a decade of experience in waste diversion, Alyssa has been a relentless proponent of education and hands-on participation. While earning a degree from the University of Colorado, Alyssa worked sorting recyclables at their Campus Processing Facility and eventually as Volunteer Coordinator at the CU Environmental Center. She later joined Eco-Cycle as their Zero Waste Event Coordinator, where two of the programs she managed received awards from the Environmental Protection Agency and National Recycling Coalition. Moving west with her family, she developed her previous experience and passions into EverGreen ZeroWaste. This organization grew from greening events into curbside compost collections and waste education programs, becoming a resource and partner for citizens, businesses and municipalities in the Roaring Fork Valley. || 970.987.3140

Dave Reindel
Founder & Collections Manager

For two decades, Dave has been a powerhouse in waste diversion communications and collections. While earning a degree from the University of Colorado, Dave specialized in media relations for the Environmental Center while also assisting in event collections and driving a campus recycling route. Upon graduation, he was recruited by Eco-Cycle to help manage their Center for Hard to Recycle Materials, a Boulder County facility focused on the collection of untraditional materials. While at Eco-Cycle, he also participated in educational campaigns creating print and video materials for the communications department. The experience of working for these internationally renowned organizations gave him the know- how and confidence to bring their models to the Roaring Fork Valley starting EverGreen ZeroWaste, which fosters progressive waste diversion programs and partnerships. || 970.987.1364

Ali O’Neal
Outreach & Education Coordinator

As an environmental educator, Ali has managed waste diversion programs on two continents. After graduating from Gustavus Adolphus with a degree in Environmental Studies, she took her skills to Ecuador where she served as a Natural Resource Conservation volunteer with Peace Corps. In that role, she worked with the government and community to create previously non-existing waste diversion campaigns, including a regional recycling program, recycling workshops, river clean-ups and educational presentations. Upon completion, she relocated to the Roaring Fork Valley to work for Aspen Center for Environmental Studies as an Environmental Educator. It was in this role as an environmental leader that she was introduced to EverGreen ZeroWaste and their work in waste diversion. In February 2017, she joined our team as Outreach & Education Coordinator. || 970.340.8148

Zero Waste

We are working in every capacity to make the Aspen Valley a zero waste area. From events to composting to recyclable products, EverGreen ZeroWaste is about saving our earth for future generations.

Alyssa’s knowledge, expertise and experiences with large zero-waste events have been invaluable. Her involvement and “hands-on” approach to each event ensures its success.

Due to her efforts, Lafayette’s Peach Festival has been able to achieve diversion rates of 74% to 85% over the last few years.

Without question, Alyssa Reindel is the premier Zero Waste Event Coordinator!

Doug ShortPublic Works Director, City of Lafayette

Having worked with Alyssa over the past three years, I can attest to her passion for the environment, dedication to our event's success, and out-of-the-box thinking. With her support, our 1,500 person event was able to compost and recycle 86% of our waste in 2009, which and could not have happened without her guidance and hard work.

Alyssa's enthusiasm is contagious, and I would highly recommend her for any event that you are orchestrating. She sets the bar very high, and I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the results.

Teresa RobbinsPriestess and Founder, Venus de Miles

Alyssa and her staff have always been most helpful providing information and services about recyclable and compostable products, training volunteers and educating the public at our outdoor events, maintaining the Zero Waste atmosphere.

Susie HardyDirector of Marketing & Event Planning, Lafayette Chamber of Commerce