EverGreen ZeroWaste is a Colorado Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and has committed its human and financial resources to operate in a manner that produces a positive, material impact on society and the environment. It is woman-owned, operated by family and community members since 2010. The founders of EverGreen ZeroWaste each have over twenty years experience in waste diversion programs and education.

Our purposes are listed in our Articles of Incorporation and can be found on the Colorado Secretary of State’s website:

(i.) Educating the public on the environmental significance and benefits of composting and recycling in order to divert materials away from landfill and incinerators as an important part of progressive waste management, retaining materials in the resource loop, and environmental stewardship;
(ii.) Promoting and enabling others to engage in waste diversion practices that keep materials out of landfills and incinerators, and instead, generate raw materials or organics and recycling end markets;
(iii.) Collecting organics from homes and businesses to support regional, certified commercial compost facilities that in turn create a nutrient-rich soil amendment for use within the community while preventing methane generation from the anaerobic decomposition of organic material;
(iv.) Encouraging others to purchase sustainably-made, reusable, durable, previously-recycled and/or certified compostable items to, in turn, reduce the amount of waste they generate, support recycle end markets, and to divert as much waste from landfills as possible;
(v.) Offering “zero waste” event services and certified compostable disposables to minimize the environmental impact of community gatherings while educating the public about waste diversion in celebratory community settings and;
(vi.) Forging and maintaining relationships with other individuals, businesses, organizations, and municipalities to facilitate the advancement of any of our shared purposes, missions, or values.

Examples of our company mission, vision and operational commitment to sustainability and community involvement include producing the Mountain West’s first and longest-lasting curbside compost program for residences and businesses, a zero waste event program that creates sustainable community festivals, participation in regional and state waste diversion organizations, creation of a western slope-specific online waste diversion guide and partnering with City and County municipalities to increase organics diversion from landfills.

These meaningful sustainability programs have culminated in prestigious recognition over the years, such as the 2015 Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s (CDPHE) Recycling Resources Economic Opportunity (RREO) grant award, 2017 Carbondale Chamber Business of the Year award, 2017 RREO mini-grant award, 2018 Aspen Skiing Company Environmental Foundation grant award, 2018 CORE Community grant award, 2018 CDHPE RREO grant award, 2019 Carbondale Dandelion Day award, 2019 Recycle Colorado Recycler of the Year award and 2020 CDPHE RREO grant award.