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Roll Off Services

EverGreen ZeroWaste provides both residential and industrial customers with roll-off bin service in capacities ranging from 20 cubic yard to 30 cubic yard bins.

Roll-off bins can be utilized for trash or recycling. We offer a phased construction program that allows your company to divert various materials in stages in order to prevent waste contamination in cities that require waste diversion of both construction and deconstruction.

We offer roll-off bin service on either a temporary or permanent basis.

We can accept most materials for the bins with some exceptions and limitations:

  • NO hazardous wastes (e.g., oil, paints, solvents, gasoline, explosives, or chemicals) are allowed
  • NO electronics or appliances (e.g., TVs, computers, monitors, printers, microwaves, refrigerators)

Our Customer Service Representatives can help you choose the right sized equipment for your specific job or need!

Everything you need to know about renting a roll off dumpster.

EverGreen ZeroWaste wants you to be as informed about our roll off dumpster rentals, so we have provided the answer to a few frequently asked questions:

What is a roll-off dumpster?

Our roll off dumpsters are rectangular containers with open tops. They have wheels to help move the dumpster into place. Containers are transported on and off site by our roll off trucks. Our roll off dumpsters serve as the perfect solution for bulk waste pickup and waste diversion.

Under what circumstances would I need a roll-off dumpster?

– Large household cleanup and waste removal

– Remodeling/construction debris and clean out

– Roofing and driveway replacements

– Large yard waste clean up projects

How do I know what size I need?

We carry both 20 and 30 yard dumpster sizes. Below is a breakdown of the size of the dumpster that will be delivered to your site and the cubic yardage of waste that they will hold


22’L x 7.5′ W x 3.5’H


22’L x 7.5’W x 5.5’H

An EverGreen ZeroWaste representative can help you determine the appropriate roll off dumpster size you need for your job. Call 970-930-7900

What are the prices for a roll off dumpster?

Delivery fee depends upon the area that the container will be serviced.

To determine the price of the delivery of your container, use the following equation:

$50 (delivery fee)+ mileage from 6560 County Rd 335 New Castle = Delivery fee

Haul fee depends upon the materials you are disposing of. It is the same for BOTH 20 and 30 yard roll-offs. To determine the price of your haul fee, use the following equation:

$435 (haul fee)+ landfill charge depending on the material you plan to dispose of. Visit this link to see the prices associated with the landfills.







Weekend service is available but is subject to a TKTKTKTKTKTK fee.

How do I pay?

You will be billed 1x/ month for your roll-off services. Your account can be set up with the office for either automatic payments for ease of services. Statements will be emailed or mailed to you. Whichever method you set up with our Roll-off representative.

Where can I have the roll off dumpster placed on my site?

Our roll off dumpsters can be placed on hard level surfaces such as gravel, concrete and asphalt. The box may be placed on hard dirt, but we would prefer virgin ground as the boxes can become stuck or difficult to remove with heavy rain or snow. It is your responsibility to create an access for our driver to remove your container. This means plowing and shoveling snow, not parking in front of or blocking the container from when you call for pick-up until the container is hauled away and replaced with a new roll-off container.

What cannot be put in a roll off dumpster?

We can accept most materials for the bins with some exceptions and limitations:

  • NO hazardous wastes (e.g., oil, paints, solvents, gasoline, explosives, or chemicals) are allowed

NO electronics or appliances (e.g., TVs, computers, monitors, printers, microwaves, refrigerators)

Tires are also not permitted unless both sidewalls are cut out and it is a container devoted only to tires.

Please check with our staff for other items if you are not sure. This will eliminate a time consuming process of our staff waiting on your crew to remove un-permitted items from the permitted waste in your roll-off container.

Are there any concerns I should have about renting a roll off dumpster?

Roll off dumpsters have metal wheels, which can damage the surface on which they are placed. If damage to your surface area is a concern, you need to use a protective board, such as plywood to protect the surface from damages.

When should I call for my roll off to be hauled away?

Please plan your hauls accordingly. We prefer that you give yourself 48 hours of room in the container, however, it will rarely take us more than 1 day to retrieve your roll-off and leave a new one for you to fill again.

What do I need to know about filling my roll-off?

Call 48 hours ahead of time for your roll-off to be picked up and replaced.

DO NOT overfill your container. Materials can be flush with the top of the container at MOST. In the event that your container is picked up within 48 hours of your initial call and the container is overfilled, our staff will either wait at your site at a charge of $50/ hr while your crew unloads the excess, or we will have to leave the container at the site until it is legal to haul down the road. You will be subjected to a fee of $200 for our crew to come out and have to leave a container for overfilling.

How do I end my service?

When you call for your last haul-away, please let us know that you will be ending the service. If we bring another container and leave it, but you do not use it, we will still have to charge the base haul fee of $435. We want to avoid any surprise charges to you.

Why rent a roll off dumpster from us?

We have 12 years of waste diversion experience. We are locally owned and have service only communities in our valley. You can count on EverGreen ZeroWaste to provide you with speedy delivery, pick-ups within 48 hrs of your initial haul-away call, and experienced staff that treat you and your site with respect.

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