It’s easy being green…


Replace all your single-use disposables with compostable versions. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Educate your guests, collect the compostable products and food waste, and set-out on your curbside collection day. Party like there is a tomorrow!

Our throw-away society is simply the result of design flaws. Zero Waste goes beyond recycling by looking upstream to see where “waste” is generated and eliminating it. By replacing “trash” items with materials that can either be recycled, composted or reused, money and finite natural resources are saved and pollution is prevented.

– Compostable Products –

Eliminate waste before it begins by purchasing only compostable single-use disposables. The easiest way to find CERTIFIED COMPOSTABLE PRODUCTS for restaurants, events, break rooms or picnics, is here. 
Shop for cutlery, cups & lids, straws, plates, takeout containers & more! ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE BPI CERTIFIED TO BE 100% COMPOSTABLE.

EverGreen Events is a distributor for Eco-Products and stocks a wide variety of compostable dinnerware including, but not limited to plates, bowls, cold & hot cups, lids, utensils, to-go containers, straws, stir sticks and more!

Often we see many reps confusing buyers with product variations that are actually NOT compostable.  Let our experts help you get the right materials for your needs. Most items are available from our inventory, but large orders may take up to five business days to fill. Please call us for prices and request your products today!

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