We’re collecting compostables from homes and businesses for certified industrial processing, keeping discards in the resource loop and out of landfills, while offering guidelines and support for waste-diversion programs that benefit our community and the environment.



It’s simple and costs only $18 per month! Sign up for pick-up and we’ll drop off your curbside container, detailed guidelines, tips and educational material, helping you make the most out of this service. Start diverting your organics, then put out the container on your neighborhood collection day. We empty the bin and haul it to a vetted, industrial composting facility.

– Why EverGreen ZeroWaste –

#1 in Residential & Business Compost Collections Since 2010

Wrangling routes, slinging compost and changing waste diversion habits to preserve our environment and serve our neighbors. Zero Waste has been our mission from the beginning. As such, we are the most trusted compost educators and implementors in the Roaring Fork Valley with multiple endorsements & partnerships with local municipalities.

Simple & Convenient

Just put your food scraps, yard waste and paper products into your bin and we’ll haul it to Pitkin County’s US Compost Council Certified industrial composting facility. Residences are served once per week; business collections are tailored to their needs.

If It Grows, It Goes!

Better than a backyard pile, we are able to accept most materials that were once living, even weeds, meat, dairy, compostable dinnerware and pizza boxes. These materials are incorporated into massive piles called windrows where they are composted at high temperatures by heat loving thermophile bacteria. Nature is awesome!

Reduce Trash

Our customers divert over 1/3 of their waste from the landfill – that’s over 750 pounds per household per year!

Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions

For every ton of food waste composted with EverGreen ZeroWaste, 0.71 tons of CO2e from landfilling emissions are avoided and 0.24 tons of CO2e are returned to the soil via soil sequestration.

Eco-Business Ethics

EverGreen ZeroWaste provides free waste diversion assessments, indoor collection bins, multilingual employee training, sustainable product procurement guidance and training materials specific to your organization so compost diversion runs smoothly from Day 1. We’ll also help you promote your efforts & convey your eco-responsibility to customers.

Closing the Loop

Composting has numerous benefits for air quality, clean water and soil. By composting, we put nutrients back into the soil instead of the landfill. Eat, Compost, Grow, Repeat.

Earn Compost

We want our customers to see the full-circle benefit of their efforts. Coupons for finished compost are given to our customers around Earth Day on an annual basis. We also partner with local municipalities to offer compost give-aways at community events, see our Facebook page to keep up on these activities.


Weekly collections for homes and businesses start at $18/month, without extra charges so typical of the waste industry. A unique aspect of our program is the ability for customers to earn free service through volunteering or new customer referrals. Businesses with multiple locations are also eligible for a bulk discount.

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